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Discover the Competitive Intelligence solution most appreciated by the industry to analyze the competition, the market, regulation and technological advances. Know the technology that understands your business.

Software for your Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence Software

Keep an eye on your market.

Integrate the team

Streamline processes.

Start up in 48 hours

No technical hassles.


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Who uses Antara Mussol?

Technology at your disposal

Be completely autonomous

  • Define and develop what you need to monitor, no matter how complex, individually or collaboratively.
  • Import data from your CRM or ERP.
  • You won’t depend on Antara at all.

Generate Value

  • Promote collaboration. Put the team's knowledge to work.
  • Assign responsibilities and degrees of involvement for each person.
  • Involve experts so that they can contribute with their value. Support the decision based on your knowledge.

Manage your own sources of information

  • Add your users' favourite information sources.
  • Integrate heterogeneous sources: websites, feeds, email newsletters, twitter, scientific articles, patents, and your own corporate intranet.
  • Hide the complexity of information sources from the users.
  • Over 4 million preloaded sources categorised by sector, region and language.

With intelligence

  • The Artificial Intelligence of Antara Mussol will minimise the noise for your users.
  • Antara Mussol Intelligence will tell you who to monitor and how. Let us advise you.
  • It warns you when a partner is active in your areas of knowledge.

Measure exploitation

  • Monitor intelligence activity by person, subject and source.
  • Minimise your administrative burden.
  • Get automatic indicators and metrics for UNE 166.002 and UNE 166.006 standards certification and export them to MS Excel

Easy to use

  • Lead your Competitive Intelligence Function with 5% or 10% of your time.
  • Your users will learn in 10 minutes and create value immediately.
  • Multi-device. Interact from your computer, tablet or cell phone.

In the Cloud

  • Without bothering your IT Manager.
  • For rent. Pay per user. We go into your OPEX, not CAPEX.
  • Ready to grow up with you. Choose the Product Plan that best suits your current needs and change it when you need it. Expand users at any time.

Let us help you

  • If you want to start quickly we can help you. COVID-19 safe: all tasks can be performed on-line.
  • Antara and our partners offer the services you need.
  • Take advantage of all the resources we make available to users in the private area.

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Plans and prices


32 €/usr/mes
Social Intelligence for departmental teams.


39 €/usr/mes
Comprehensive Intelligence for all corporate levels.


39 €/usr/mes
To involve the entire organization and external partners.

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